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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"Courteous professional service"

"The courtesy and knowledge of the pharmacists"

"Free delivery"

"You check with me before filling an expensive prescription that can be filled by a combination of generic alternatives."

"All the people working there"

"Trustworthy in every aspect! Excellent pharmacists and support staff, they are very helpful with good information, and they are always friendly. I am always confident that my scripts will be accurate. Actually, it's the best pharmacy that I have ever known."

"Love the fact that the pharmacist is knowledgable and helpful. Entire staff is friendly and helpful. "

"Everyone knows me."

"Customer service is personal."

"I can walk to it, and it's a cozy neighborhood place."

"The staff and pharmacists are not only knowledgeable but very friendly and trustworthy too. "

"The friendly, caring people"

"The staff"

"I never have to keep going back to see if my meds are ready. They will fill a med while you wait. Friendly staff and beautiful store!!"

"Great help from pharmacists!"

"Friendliest place in town. Fast service."

"Wonderful and helpful people :-)"

"Efficient & very personable staff"

"Everyone has treated us with respect and friendliness from the time we moved to the area, starting with Mr. Barnhill."

"Personal attention to each customer"

"Wonderful people"

"Personal care, concern, and instruction!! Can't be beat!!"

"Always have access to a pharmacist, and they are knowledgeable about your personal medications. Most employees call you by name. Can get medications filled while you wait."

"The employees and the owners"

"Hometown feel that you don't get in a chain store"


"Local business! Love the Barnhills!"

"Quick and accurate service. Thank you"

"The very nice people that work there."

"First time use on downloading app. Very impressive!!"

"Shopping while you wait"

"Everyone there !!"

"The friendliness and the fact that it's right downtown."

"Convenient and friendly"

"The friendly and helpful pharmacists"

"Personal attention and excellent service"

"Fast and friendly service"

"You are all of the above, and you deliver."

"It's not a chain store."

"Shopping while you wait"

"Great people; fast service"

"Awesomeness :-)"

"Love everything about Fairhope Pharmacy"

"Friendly employees; personal service"


"The friendly staff"

"They are so friendly and don't get mad when I bring my doggie with me."

"Best pharmacy in the South."

"The great people who work there"

"Friendly and knows you"

"I love the small-town personal care of my pharmacist and staff."

"Y'all are "green"; you don't use medicine bottles that are 10x the size of the prescription we get - that in itself is so appreciated!"

"You cannot find a better pharmacy anywhere! Fairhope Pharmacy is helpful, efficient, and professional in every way!"

"Great service, knowledgeable people, friends"

"All of the above"

"Quality pharmacists, good service, and Fairhope friendly!!!"

"The things I like most about my pharmacy are the personalized service I always receive, and the quality of care they always provide. It's comforting to see the same faces that know me and call me by my name."

"Local, friendly people"

"Efficiency and helpfulness"

"That the staff know me and my family. They are always knowledgeable and courteous. Mike and Brittany rock!"

"My prescriptions are ALWAYS ready in a timely manner, staff are wonderful, and it's a beautiful store to visit!"

"The personal treatment"

"Everything. They are, by far, the best of all pharmacies around. I totally believe that statement due to the fact that Fairhope Pharmacy employs a staff that genuinely cares and takes interest in their customers."


"Super pharmacist who takes an interest in their patients"

"Always there to answer questions, and watches all medications you're taking for reactions or reasons they are not good to mix. The best. Very personable."

"The people. I also like that it is a locally owned and operated business ."

"Caring and courtesy"


You can help Fairhope Pharmacy by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!