Supplements and Vitamins for Immunity Boosting

Beef Up Your Child’s Immune System Before School Starts!

Considering summer is slowly coming to a close, it’s important for kids to be in the best shape possible for the upcoming school year. Proper physical and mental health allows children to flourish in their education. With this in mind, the significance of vitamins cannot be understated. Vitamins provide the body with basic nutrients that actually boost the immune system. Since COVID-19 is still actively spreading throughout local communities, it’s as important as ever for kids to take supplements to boost their immunity shields. Here are some vitamins proven to give the immune system the power it needs!

Vitamin D

With Vitamin D, the immune system enhances its ability to fight infection. This is incredibly important for kids because scraped knees and elbows are all too common. Vitamin D is obtained through sunlight, but it’s harder to gain during the winter months with shorter days and overcast weather. Taking a Vitamin D supplement can counter this deficiency and play a uniquely important part in your child’s immune system.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant, meaning it prevents cell damage and boosts natural defenses. This makes it a great supplement for kids who are always exposed to different environments and germs (as is often the case with school and after-school activities!). This is just one benefit out of a long list of Vitamin C’s positive effects, like body tissue growth and repair. It’s the perfect vitamin for a growing little one!


Zinc is an immensely powerful micronutrient, and it plays an important role in the immune system. It is essential for immune cell function and signaling; in fact, a lack of zinc can actually be detrimental to the immune system. Supplements ensure that a constant flow of this nutrient is always present.


The gut is naturally home to many types of bacteria; many bacteria are good, but some are not. Probiotics make sure that there is a higher presence of “good” bacteria. These good bacteria help break down food and synthesize vitamins, bringing their nutrients into the immune system. Probiotics can be found in some foods like yogurt and pickles, but you can also choose to supplement via probiotic drops or tablets.

Kids Multivitamin

Multivitamins for kids are a simple way to get tons of these essential vitamins into a child’s system in one fell swoop. Each supplement is unique, but most provide 13 essential vitamins. Providing a child with a multivitamin every day guarantees that they will get these nutrients and receive all tons of immune-boosting benefits!

Natural Sleep Supplements

Natural sleep supplements like melatonin help regulate immune responses. Melatonin is a highly effective antioxidant, much like Vitamin C. Melatonin can help enhance the abilities of antibodies and reduce chronic inflammation. All of these benefits make melatonin a prime means to helping kids’ immune systems. They can take one before bed, rest well, and wake up ready to take on their day!

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